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Are you ready to take your criminal defense law firm to the next level? Our expertly crafted decks are designed to help you tackle marketing and administration with ease, allowing you to focus on what you do best – defending your clients.

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Why Choose Our Decks?

Our decks eliminate the guesswork, providing you with actionable items that can add hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue to your firm. Simply follow the action items on the cards, and watch your firm’s performance soar. It’s like having a personal coach guiding you through each task.

The Decks

Video Deck

52 grab-and-go video ideas for shooting in front of a courthouse or in your office, answering the top questions potential clients ask online.

Systems Deck

52 core systems to streamline your operations, covering 80% of your daily needs.

Marketing Deck

52 marketing ideas for online or offline promotion that can be executed in under 15 minutes, perfect for those waiting periods at the courthouse.

Referral Deck

52 strategies to build deeper referral relationships, saving you from spending on digital marketing you might not want.

Social Media Deck

52 social media post ideas tailored for criminal defense lawyers, designed to engage your audience effectively.

The Investment

Each deck is priced at just $89, or you can get all 5 decks for $399. This investment will set up the rest of 2024 with actionable tactics to lighten your workload and help your firm succeed immediately.

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Special Guarantee

Follow these prompts throughout the year, and we guarantee you’ll generate an additional $100,000+ in revenue or your money back!


How quickly can I see results?

You can start seeing improvements in your firm’s performance almost immediately as you implement the actionable items from the decks.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you follow the prompts and do not generate an additional $100,000+ in revenue within a year, we’ll refund your purchase.

Is there one deck I should start with?

The easiest decks to start with are the Marketing Deck, followed by the Referral Deck. These 2 can dramatically increase your bottom line in just a few weeks of action. Once you create a rhythm for execution, you can turn to the Social Media and Video decks to round out your marketing, and then the Systems deck can be used by you and your assistant to document the processes you need locked down in your office.

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