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Whether you are a Solo or Small Firm, you can join The Criminal Mastermind to get the most out of your criminal defense firm by learning proven techniques for managing and profiting from your criminal defense practice.

If you have a vision for the firm you want to build…

I will help you build it.

Make Your Criminal Practice…

More Predictable:
More Profitable:
More Efficient:
More Fulfilling:
Wave goodbye to the wild fluctuations of a volatile practice. With our criminal defense business coaching service, harness the power of structured strategies designed to stabilize your firm’s future. Step into a world where you can anticipate outcomes and stay ahead of the curve. Why keep guessing when you can glide with confidence? Make the smart choice. Secure your tomorrow, today.
Who says defending rights can't be lucrative? Unlock the secrets to a thriving practice that doesn’t just serve justice, but also serves your bank account. Dive deep into our expert techniques that have transformed mediocre earnings into monumental profits. No more scrimping, only scaling! Let your passion fuel your prosperity. Join us and watch your firm flourish financially.
The courtroom isn’t the only place for smart moves. Streamline your operations, from client consultations to case closures, with our game-changing efficiency hacks. Time is precious; don't waste it reinventing the wheel. With our coaching, discover the fast track to faster results, giving you more freedom to do what you love. Make every second count. Efficiency awaits!
Revive your passion and find deeper purpose with a practice that doesn’t just win cases but wins hearts too. Through our coaching program, connect to the soul of your profession, reigniting that fire that once drove you. Satisfaction isn't just a verdict; it's a journey. Experience fulfillment in every facet of your firm's functioning. Say yes to a richer, more rewarding career.

When You Join You Gain Access To…

2 Live Meetings Every Month
Twice monthly Zoom® meetings focusing on strategies & systems
Private Slack Community
Connect with lawyers across the USA to exchange ideas and get help instantly!
1-on-1 Coaching
1-on-1 coaching session with Jay to dig deeper into your roadblocks and goals
Daily Accountability
Free use of Finilize.com, the daily accountability tracker: a $240 value.
All the Systems You Need
Access to 100's of Jay's systems for running a criminal defense firm - and the instruction on how to implement them.
Problem Solving Sessions
Join Jay for group office hours where he and other members will help you work through issues you are having in your firm right now.

I am on a mission to help criminal defense lawyers reach their goals.

Whatever they may be.

Topics We Have Covered Include…

  • Hiring
  • Firing
  • Online Marketing
  • Future Planning
  • Intake
  • Referral Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Selling & Upselling
  • Core Firm Systems
  • Managing Attorneys vs Managing Staff
  • Vision Planning for Your Life & Firm
  • Financial Processes for Flat Fee Firms
  • Exiting/Selling Your Practice
  • How to Keep Google Happy
  • How to Add Partners Without Equity
  • And More . . .

Who Is Jay Ruane?

Jay Ruane is an Amazon Best Selling Author who took his father’s one-man solo practice to consistent 7 figure revenues over his 23-year career. Jay is a criminal defense lawyer at heart, who has walked clients out of court after NOT GUILTY verdicts just like you. After taking a deep dive into DUI and Criminal trial practice in his first decade of practice,

Jay turned his attention to the business of criminal law for his next decade, allowing his firm to scale to 14 full-time all criminal defense attorneys and to allow him to escape the day to day grind of criminal law by creating and implementing hundreds of systems to make his firm work for him like a well-oiled machine, instead of rushing to put out fire after fire with his clients and firm.

Today, Jay still runs his firm as CEO and has developed The Criminal Mastermind™ to help other criminal defense lawyers across the country see the profitable way to scale a criminal defense practice, work fewer hours, leverage systems and talent properly, and get the life you want out of the practice you love.

Mastermind Pricing

Pick a level based on the needs of your specific practice and where you are at now. You can always move up or down.

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Features Silver
Multiple Monthly Meetings

Twice Monthly Zoom meetings focusing on strategies and systems to grow your criminal defense firm

Private Slack® Community

Join a vibrant user community exchanging ideas, solving problems and cross referring cases in our private Slack® workspace.

Daily Accountability Tracking

Free use of Finilize, the daily accountability tracker $240 value built by Jay Ruane specifically for this Mastermind.

Prebuilt Systems for Criminal Practice

Access to 100’s of Jay’s systems for running a profitable criminal defense firm

Problem Solving Sessions

“Office Hours” Join Jay for pop-up group office hours where he will help you work through issues you are having in your firm right now.

Transcripts & Replays

Transcripts, Recordings, and a Private Podcast of any meetings you miss due to court or other obligations

Live Event Tickets

Tickets to any of our live events.

🟡 🟡
1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Scheduled 1-to-1 coaching session each month with Jay.

🟠 🟡
Territorial Exclusivity

Exclusive membership based upon population radius

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